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How to Network at a Film Festival

The experience of attending a film festival is one that can be exciting for both new and seasoned filmmakers. However, networking is the main reason most people go. In order to make the most of it, read on to find out how to network at a film festival. Do your research Before you even arrive, […]

Lesser Known Film Festivals – Part 2

There are over 1,000 film festivals happening worldwide. At any given time, you could travel to the far reaches of the planet and see film. However, only a handful of these are important enough to the industry to take note of. Before you book that flight, you’re going to want to know which lesser known […]

Lesser Known Film Festivals – Part 1

For filmmakers looking to be noticed, as well as people interested in the art of moviemaking, film festivals are a great place to be. Sure, everyone knows about Berlin, Toronto, Venice and Cannes, but do you know where else to go? Here are some lesser known film festivals that you need to be attending. Part […]