The American actor has been one of Hollywood’s great living legends for decades. He became famous as an actor, but over time he also established himself as a director and producer. His down-to-earth attitude made him so extraordinary in every area of his life. He supported independent films from a very early age that resulted in the establishment of the famous Sundance Film Festival in Utah. His fans know and love his bright blue eyes. Robert Redford seemed born to be a Hollywood star because he was born near the city of movies. But nobody in Santa Monica thought of a film career back then.

The Sundance Film Festival
The Sundance Film Festival

His parents were poor, and that’s how Redford grew up. After his rebellious teenage years, he received an sport scholarship from the University of Colorado. But his alcohol consumption made sure that they kicked him out. For some time he stayed afloat as a painter before he decided to audition at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in New York. That was the beginning of a great career. The film Barefoot in the Park became his first big success, the movie Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid made him a worldwide star. Numerous super hits followed over the next few decades, but the Sundance Kid was the turning pont that gave his life a different light.

A Canyon In Nowhere Became Famous

You could never reduce the sexiest movie star of the 1970s to his looks. He always remained a rebel and was open about his opinion. In the late 1960s, he fell in love with a nature reserve in the mountains of Utah. With the money he made from his role in Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, he bought the area. Redford subsequently founded a film institute and a festival. At the same time, he had an environmentally friendly ski area built. So he created the basis for the famous film festival. Redford always described Sundance as a magical place. The intensity of the light, the shapes of the rocks and the silence of the woods charmed him. The Indians withdrew to this area centuries ago to escape the summer heat. A family of Scottish immigrants settled the canyon in the early 20th century. From this Stewart family, Redford bought large parts of the land. New York investors gave him the advice to build hotels and condominiums on the ground, but Redford refused. He wanted Sundance to be an ideal place for environmental conservation and artistic experimentation. Sundance got its name, of course, from the film that made it possible for Redford to buy the area.

Today the Sundance Film Festival is one of the most influential American film festivals. It takes place annually in Park City and Salt Lake City, Utah. Sundance is primarily a platform for independent American and international productions. Numerous films and actors owe their fame to this film festival. Quentin Tarantino, James Wan, Robert Rodriguez caused a sensation here, as did Jim Jarmusch and the Coen brothers. Films like Saw, Donnie Darko, Super Size Me and Blair Witch Project owe their fame to Robert Redford’s Sundance Festival. The next edition will take place from January 28th to February 3rd 2021.