Summer Movies

Summer Movies

Summer has finally come! We will spend more time resting in nature, traveling, or planning our summer vacation. But even when you are enjoying sunny days and evenings, we suggest to not forget some movies that could be very pleasant way to relax and disconnect. From favorite and undiscovered musicals, comedies to cinema classics – […]

Pitch Your Movie to Producers Like A Professional

Before a theatrical release is considered for a movie, it will have to go through a few procedures. After a majority of movies are pitched, they get buried and won’t see the light of day anymore. The movie industry is a cut-throat industry, after all. The objective of the movie industry isn’t entertaining people. Their […]

The Importance and Process of Storyboarding

Filmmaking is a creative process, and for each filmmaker, the process may be different, and the aesthetic procedure of putting the film together can vary depending on the writer and director. However, whatever style of filmmaking you may prefer or whichever genre of film you may be gearing towards, the planning of the film’s narrative […]

10 Ways to Generate Ideas and to Produce Short Films

Short films are often seen as an opening for full-length movies released in the cinema. A short film is a great way for budding filmmakers to show their talent as well as an opportunity to spread ideas and awareness for social issues and charitable causes. Here are some ways that you could try in order […]

Film Script Writing Fails to Avoid

Script readers are the real gatekeepers of the movie industry as they go through thousands of scripts when it piles on the desks of directors, producers, studios, actors, managers, production companies, and agents. The essential jigsaw pieces are the characters, story, and their journey. Before handling film script writing, ascertain your work is free of […]

Documentary films: a bit of background

A documentary film is a movie that reflects an aspect from reality. A documentary film is not dramatized or staged in any way. Everything should be true. It is not unusual that a documentary film deals with subjects like history science and nature. Stories about spectacular destinies or political differences also falls int o the […]

All the Ways That Films Make Money

Getting nominated for the Oscars. Gracing red carpets. Attending glamorous movie premieres. You may think that the life of Hollywood stars and producers are all a bed of roses. Behind the glamor though, the film industry revolves around investing money and doing everything to profit from it.